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    Mobile Phones
    We find that mobile telephony has a positive and significant impact on economic growth, and this impact may be twice as large in developing countries compared to developed countries.

  • Broadband Connectivity "Increased broadband deployment can have a significant impact on productivity and act as a stimulant to business growth in the current climate of economic uncertainty"

  • Productivity Growth   "The key to future productivity enhancement and economic growth is the infrastructure of tomorrow-bandwidth everywhere" 

  • Competition Policy "Besides globalization, other pressures exist which increases the desire to place competition law and policy on the international bargaining agenda, such as spillovers, extraterritoriality, and policy fairness"

  • Oil and Natural Gas "The optimal natural gas system in North America is a network inter-connecting Canadian and American fields and markets, constraining one section of this network have an impact on many fields other than Alberta and many markets other than Eastern Canada"